Image by Drew Beamer
Breast Cancer Research Charity Hamper

Exclusive Breast Cancer Research Charity Gift Hamper


This hamper is a special Limited-Edition gift designed to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.


Dedicated to all those suffering, or who have suffered from Breast Cancer or Metastatic Breast Cancer, we wanted to give something back. This is the first in the exclusive trio of hampers we plan for 2021 to support 3 charities close to our hearts.


The handmade recycled wood plaques come in a choice of 4, Be Mine or Be Mine Valentine for Valentine’s Day and Love You & So Much Love for all occasions. The Glitter Bath Bombs are scented with the fragrance of Ghost parfum, the Candles with Cassis, Sweat Pea and Violet. Ladies love their luxuries, so we have added a silk sleep mask and a fluffy pink sock cupcake, a naturally lip plumping mint lip balm and Strawberry fudge.  


50% of the profits will be given to Breast Cancer Research. 25 Boxes are available.

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