Image by Drew Beamer
Hack Up Bespoke Dog Supplements

Pampered Pooches


Who needs a dog parlour when we have everything from luxurious shampoo through to a little treat at the end, all for that favourite furbaby!

Our faithful friends deserve to be pampered just as much as we do. They need care and attention and look to us for all their goodies. So we've breated this dog hamper just for them to enjoy packed with a fabulous shampoo, paw butter, treats, brush and amazing supplements from our partners at HackUp Bespoke. 

1 x Dog Kind Soothing shampoo for itchy skin

1 x HackUp Bespoke One step bespoke supplement (Digestion, skin, calm or Joints)

1 x Pet Paw lotion small

1 x Bag of chicken treats

1 x Car air freshener

1 x Bamboo groom curry brush

2 x poo bags