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Wall Shelves


We have made the decision to pack and ship our hampers in recycled and recyclable cardboard for cost efficiency, as a more sustainable way of sending things to you, and to ensure that the materials we use are ethically made.

The cellophane bags have been carefully sourced to be recyclable or compostable as we try to use natural materials - such as cotton or jute bags - rather than plastic.


We use biodegradable and compostable packing peanuts made from maize starch which melt away in water, and as we move forward, we would like to remove all items from our hampers that can cause damage to the environment… many of our suppliers feel the same. 

In some cases, in order to preserve our perishable items and keep them in tip-top condition, we may have no recyclable option available to us but we are constantly working on ways to change the packaging where needed.

Wood Furniture
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