Baby Boy

Baby Boy


It’s always an exciting time, the birth of a new baby and it can be tricky trying to find a gift for Mother and Baby.

We have combined gifts for both in this basket. There are some sweet treats for Mum, and some practical gifts for the baby, from basics such as baby wipes and cotton buds to a gorgeous bunny and blanket set. This is a beautiful, fun, and practical gift for a new arrival.

1 x box of Marimba Chocolate Thins

1 x box of Marimba Chocolate Melt

1 x bar of Marimba Chocolate

1 x pack baby hangers

1 x pack of baby wipes

1 x baby travel bowl set with spoon

1 x dummy

1 x nappy bags

1 x bamboo cotton buds

1 x baby photo album

1 x baby blanket and soft rabbit set


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