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A year of adaptation and local support

East Anglia’s consumers and operators have really come through for local producers during 2020! We are in a region of foodies, with fantastic local produce available from every county and a brewing heritage to be truly proud of.

Originally a lager only brewery and one of the very first in the country, we are proud to be based in Suffolk and play our part promoting the regions brewing heritage. Since our first beer was packaged in 2008 on the family farm in Coddenham Green, Suffolk; we have been instrumental in the craft beer movement in Suffolk, East Anglia and beyond. Test brewing began early in 2008 and by September the first Calvors beer, a Premium Pilsner was ready for the market in bottled form. With this, Calvors became one of just three lager breweries in England and their flagship Pilsner would go on to win two SIBA Gold Awards and the SIBA National Keg Silver Award! A year later we invested in draught equipment and brought the Helles to market followed by some darker lagers such as the Amber (Vienna Lager) and then the (Dark Dunkel Lager).

With the core lagers established the brewery grew, and in 2013 we began experimenting with cask ales. Our successful “Smooth Hoperator” was born quickly followed by the “LodeStar Festival Ale” and bringing us up to date we have introduced our Session IPA, American Red and American Pale Ale.

This year has of course been incredibly difficult for everyone, in all walks of life. It has devastated hospitality businesses and suppliers and sadly some outlets and small breweries have closed indefinitely.

Our brewery’s survival and strength comes down to adaptation and local support. The support consumers have shown for all things ‘local’ has been incredible. Our region’s consumers have made an extraordinary effort to support local businesses and producers.

The local effort has not been limited to consumers we are in awe of local operators’ resilience. Our regions publicans and retailers have been incredibly adaptive to the various restrictions put upon them. Just as their customers made a clear choice to support ‘local’, businesses have followed suit. It has been overwhelming and its importance cannot be overstated.

Calvors Brewery

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