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There's always time for a Tiny Tipple!

We are Amanda & Karen, two busy mum’s who had five minutes to spare once upon a time. With a passion for all things local and the ‘Great Outdoors’ we decided to mix our love of tipples with Mother Nature’s pantry to create scrumptious infused spirits and liqueurs.

Our tipples are made using only fruits, berries and blooms grown in East Anglia. We can tell you where the fruit comes from in every bottle. Our Rhubarb and Gooseberries are grown on our own allotment. We forage Blackberries, Sloes, Elderflowers, Wild plums and Rosehips from hedgerows. We work with local fruit growers and small holdings for our Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants and Damsons. Even our Basil is homegrown by Amanda’s mum. We have been unable to find locally grown ginger but watch this space!

We make some special edition flavours such as our Medlar Brandy Liqueur which is made from the Medlars growing in Karen’s garden. With absolute zero road miles, this tipple is ready just in time for Christmas.

Our award-winning Rhubarb Gin Liqueur (Great taste award winner 2018) is our best seller. Made with our fresh pink rhubarb, we start picking in early spring right through until Autumn if weather permits. This is so rhubarby and can be enjoyed just over ice.

Another award winner is our Gooseberry Vodka Liqueur (Great Taste 2019). A wonderful fresh flavour described as ‘Summer in a glass’ by one of our tipplers. This is lovely served as a long drink with lemonade for a real thirst quencher.

Our tipples are available in 500ml, 200ml and 50ml sizes and you can enjoy our tipples with a variety of mixers to make fabulous cocktails. Here are some of our favourites.

Rhubarb Collins

· 35ml Tiny Tipple Rhubarb Gin or rhubarb & Ginger Gin

· 55g Fennel finely diced with some grated ginger.

· 30ml lemon juice

· Soda water or lemonade to taste.

Add all the ingredients except Soda to a shaker, shake for 20 seconds

Fill a glass with ice and strain the mixture into the glass and top up with soda lemonade

Damson in Distress

· 50ml Tiny Tipple Damson Gin

· 15ml Amaretto

· 7ml Lemon juice

Mix into a liqueur glass and garnish with a twist of lemon peel

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