Image by Drew Beamer
Gluten Free Goodies Hamper

Gluten Free Goodies


Maximum flavour, all the temptation and zero gluten! Our gluten-free hampers and goodies make the perfect present for everyone.


Our MD has Coeliac Disease, so all our products are tried and tested. We have many naturally gluten free products and some specialist ones too. All are suitable for Coeliacs, wheat free, and great for those who follow a gluten free diet for whatever reason.  

Our MD therefore carefully selects local and reputable suppliers ensuring the best gluten-free treats are available for you.  We want you to relax in the knowledge you can have a treat or buy a treat for a friend or family member.

1 x Garden Pantry Jam

1 x Marimba Belgian Chocolate Thins

1 x Lemon GF Shortbread

2 x Deepmills Chocolate

1 x Marimba Chocolate Melt

1 x Butterworths Coffee

1 x Olly’s Olives

1 x Pour Vous Pate

1 x Peanut Butter

1 x Waxed Cheese Truckle

1 x The Garden Pantry Chilli Jam

1 x Pickled Onions

1 x The Garden Pantry Habanero Sauce

1 x Mustard

1 x The Garden Pantry Tomato & Chilli Sauce

1 x Origin Earth Crackers

1 x GF Spaghetti

1 x Arrabiata sauce